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IBIT Dance Company will be holding auditions for all levels of its training program and company on September 16th.

  • Dance Company Auditions:  September 16th 545-715
  • Introductory Program Auditions: September 16th 330 – 415
  • Low Intermediate/Intermediate Auditions: September 16th 4pm-530pm
  • High Intermdediate/Advanced Auditions: September 16th 545pm – 715pm

The Company:  IBIT Dance Company is in it’s 3rd season.  The focus of the choreography at IBIT is dance documentaries.  IBIT tours one major dance documentary a year and one tour of traditional modern and contemporary choreography.  This years dance documentary will be on the issue of Women’s Rights.  In addition we will continue to tour the Childhood Cancer Awareness Project that we have been touring.  The company will work with multiple well known choreographers throughout the year.  The dance documentary will be choreographed by IBIT’s director, Brenda Lynn Siegel and will present a historical story of women’s rights in America.  Research for this piece will include education in many tribal and cultural dance styles used in many cultures as well as historical research.

Training Program:  There are three levels of training at IBIT Dance Company.  Introductory, Low Intermediate/Intermediate and High Intermediate/Advanced.  Each program has a slightly different focus each year.  The wonderful thing about this training program is that it allows time and space for dancers to dance with their home schools as well as do other activities.  This is a performance based training program, meaning that the dancers perform a lot throughout the year, on average more then they would at a dance school.  This performance training comes with a level of commitment that is both inspiring and hard work.  This program is a wonderful way to learn about the benefits and trials of a dance career while the dancer is still in the training phase.  In addition for dancers who don’t expect to dance as they move forward, it gives them a real life experience with commitment and artistry in a learning environment that is supportive of the needs of children and young adults.  This is a pre professional training program where students get to grow as individuals.  This years program will include world renowned master teachers from all around New England who will work with the dancers and set choreography on the dancers.  All three levels will experience the expertise of many well known dance educators and choreographers, allowing them the most well rounded modern dance exposure available in our area.

Which level should I auditions for?

Introductory Program: Many dancers start out in this level.  It is for dancers who have some dance training, are not quite ready for the large commitment of the other two levels and are interested in a performance based dance program.  In this level, we learn artistry, some administration, choreography and many styles of modern technique.  The focus is on technical training and performance quality and artistry at the intro level.

Low Intermediate/Intermediate:  This program is for intermediate level dancers.  The class is three hours once per week and gives students the opportunity to deeply engage in both technique and composition.  Students at this level have the opportunity to work with many guest faculty as well as have several choreographers set work on them.  At this level dancers begin to perform more and have more opportunities to get to know the dance faculty out in the world.

High Intermediate/Advanced:  This level works a lot with the company.  The dancers have a higher expectation of work ethic set on them and they begin to learn intimately the rigors and rewards of a dance career.  Dancers work with many dance faculty and have many advanced pieces set on them.  In addition at the high intermediate/advanced level, dancers perform with the company on a more regular basis.  Dancers at this level are more immersed in the field and also act as mentors to the lower levels.  At this level dancers begin to transition to a commitment to performance and rehearsals that is a bit more rigorous then the other two levels.  Dancers who have been successful at this level have been; Adults who need a boost in their training, students in a gap year between high school and college, students in a gap year between BA and MA, high school students who are ready for this level of technical training and commitment.

Please email info@ibitdance.com to register for the audition.