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IBIT Dance Company will be holding auditions for all levels of its training program and company on September 16th.

  • Dance Company Auditions:  September 16th 545-715
  • Introductory Program Auditions: September 16th 330 – 415
  • Low Intermediate/Intermediate Auditions: September 16th 4pm-530pm
  • High Intermdediate/Advanced Auditions: September 16th 545pm – 715pm

The Company:  IBIT Dance Company is in it’s 3rd season.  The focus of the choreography at IBIT is dance documentaries.  IBIT tours one major dance documentary a year and one tour of traditional modern and contemporary choreography.  This years dance documentary will be on the issue of Women’s Rights.  In addition we will continue to tour the Childhood Cancer Awareness Project that we have been touring.  The company will work with multiple well known choreographers throughout the year.  The dance documentary will be choreographed by IBIT’s director, Brenda Lynn Siegel and will present a historical story of women’s rights in America.  Research for this piece will include education in many tribal and cultural dance styles used in many cultures as well as historical research.

Training Program:  There are three levels of training at IBIT Dance Company.  Introductory, Low Intermediate/Intermediate and High Intermediate/Advanced.  Each program has a slightly different focus each year.  The wonderful thing about this training program is that it allows time and space for dancers to dance with their home schools as well as do other activities.  This is a performance based training program, meaning that the dancers perform a lot throughout the year, on average more then they would at a dance school.  This performance training comes with a level of commitment that is both inspiring and hard work.  This program is a wonderful way to learn about the benefits and trials of a dance career while the dancer is still in the training phase.  In addition for dancers who don’t expect to dance as they move forward, it gives them a real life experience with commitment and artistry in a learning environment that is supportive of the needs of children and young adults.  This is a pre professional training program where students get to grow as individuals.  This years program will include world renowned master teachers from all around New England who will work with the dancers and set choreography on the dancers.  All three levels will experience the expertise of many well known dance educators and choreographers, allowing them the most well rounded modern dance exposure available in our area.

Which level should I auditions for?

Introductory Program: Many dancers start out in this level.  It is for dancers who have some dance training, are not quite ready for the large commitment of the other two levels and are interested in a performance based dance program.  In this level, we learn artistry, some administration, choreography and many styles of modern technique.  The focus is on technical training and performance quality and artistry at the intro level.

Low Intermediate/Intermediate:  This program is for intermediate level dancers.  The class is three hours once per week and gives students the opportunity to deeply engage in both technique and composition.  Students at this level have the opportunity to work with many guest faculty as well as have several choreographers set work on them.  At this level dancers begin to perform more and have more opportunities to get to know the dance faculty out in the world.

High Intermediate/Advanced:  This level works a lot with the company.  The dancers have a higher expectation of work ethic set on them and they begin to learn intimately the rigors and rewards of a dance career.  Dancers work with many dance faculty and have many advanced pieces set on them.  In addition at the high intermediate/advanced level, dancers perform with the company on a more regular basis.  Dancers at this level are more immersed in the field and also act as mentors to the lower levels.  At this level dancers begin to transition to a commitment to performance and rehearsals that is a bit more rigorous then the other two levels.  Dancers who have been successful at this level have been; Adults who need a boost in their training, students in a gap year between high school and college, students in a gap year between BA and MA, high school students who are ready for this level of technical training and commitment.

Please email to register for the audition.

Audition Dates coming soon for IBIT

There will be three opportunities to audition for IBIT Dance Company AND the pre-professional training program throughout the summer and early fall!  Please check back early and often to find out the opportunities that there are to audition!! Also, we are taking 1 company member or apprentice this summer if you are interested please send an email to!11034117_10204250728124311_2278391069132195417_n


Summer Is Here

Summer is here and IBIT has gone full swing into our summer schedule!  You can catch us performing throughout June and July both for the Southern Vermont Dance Festival and in the Childhood Cancer Awareness Project!  We will add  ticket information by June 16th!  FILL YOUR SUMMER WITH DANCE!!! 

Billbobs wedding 1

Tickets on Sale for 4 March Dates

Pieces Of Now: Childhood Cancer Awareness Project on Tour

50% of the proceeds from this project benefit the Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Unit at The Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth-Hitchcock  CHaD!

March 26th 730pm Oberon, Cambridge, MAGet your tix now

March 27th 730pm East St. Dance Center, Hadley, MA. Get your tix now

March 28th 430pm Latchis Theater, Brattleboro, VT. Get your tix now

           – March 28th 630pm-930pm Bring In the Spring Annual Fundraiser! $15 (in adv)    with your Latchis Ticket.  $30 (adv) without Latchis ticket, $40 @ Door without Latchis ticket.  (with Latchis ticket, use link above, without click here

March 29th 7:00pm Lebanon Opera House, Lebanon, NH. Get your tix now

Pieces of Now: Childhood Cancer Awareness Project

Tickets are on sale now for the Childhood Cancer Awareness project:

***50% of the Proceeds from this show go to the Pediatric Hematology/Oncology program at the Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth so, Even if you can not attend! please share the event, invite your friends, make a donation, donate a ticket.***
**tickets are on sale now for the Latchis**
This project will also be performed in:
New York, NY
Boston, MA.
Springfield, MA.
Lebenon, NH.
Manchester, VT.
…and more (dates will be added as we go, if you know of a pediatric oncology unit in New England that we could work with, let us know and we will try to perform in that city.)

This project inspired by the fight of a local young lady, Alexis Giallella who passed away in November of 2013 after a battle with cancer is meant to raise awareness about childhood cancer in the hopes that the more awareness we raise, the more work will be done to find a cure for this terrible illness.

In addition 50% of the proceeds go to Pediatric Oncology units around New England. The more you support, the more we will be able to donate.

This will be an evening length dance work telling the story of one young girls journey. It will also take windows into the lives of other children fighting cancer and the battle that their families experience. The piece will be performed by dancers from age 10 to age 35 and will be a story of courage and tragedy.

The performance itself will raise funds for the pediatric oncology units and will be followed by a fundraiser that helps to support the dance program which will keep these young dancers doing projects like these throughout the years.

Please come to the Latchis to see us perform AND join us afterwards. Even if you can not attend, you can purchase a ticket to donate to a family (which will help us raise money for the pediatric oncology units) or simply make a donation.

Tour Dates

March 25th-March 29th “Pieces Of Now” Childhood Cancer Awareness Project

March 28th Latchis Theater, “Pieces of Now”

July 16th-July 19th Southern Vermont Dance Festival

July 25th Southern Vermont Arts Center, Manchester Vermont, “Pieces of Now”

IBIT Dance Company on Tour!

Friday January 30th 7:30pm, East St. Dance Center, Hadley MA Get your Hadley Tix!

Saturday January 31st 4pm, Latchis Theater, Brattleboro, VT.  Get Your Latchis Tickets!

Sunday February 1st TBA IBIT-26

IBIT Dance Company will be doing a mini mini tour that is every bit as amazing as our annual tour! We will be showcasing choreography by Brenda Lynn Siegel, Billbob Brown, Adrienne Hawkins and Aurora Corsano! The performance will be fun and vibrant and will also kick off our Childhood Cancer Project. The performances will take place in three locations! We will also take this opportunity to fundraise for the Childhood Cancer Awareness project. If you donate, the money will be used to help us travel to hospitals and do research as well as to bring this piece to many locations! This same show will be performed for children and their families who have cancer throughout New England! Come check out what our Pre-Professional Training program has been working on!

Tickets available by phone at 800 838 3006  or by clicking on a link above!


IBIT Picnic Auction and Winter Informal Dance Concert

Tickets On Sale now!SoVerDance-743

Join us on Friday December 12th at 630pm for our annual informal concert! This year we will be doing a picnic basket auction. Each of our dancers will prepare 2 picnics for two and you can bid on the picnic of your dreams. Once each person has their dinner you will sit down at your picnic blanket and enjoy your wonderful picnic while you watch our Winter Informal Dance Performance!

Following the performance we will have desert menu and deserts available for purchase. The dancers will come out and you can enjoy your desert as you talk with the dancers about the performance.

All proceeds from this performance will go to the IBIT Scholarship Fund and to help us with the production of our Childhood Cancer Awareness Project!

Come enjoy a wonderful evening of dinner and dance prepared for you by the dancers in the IBIT Pre Professional Training Program! Take a break from the craziness of the holidays and enjoy a winter picnic in a beautiful setting with a wonderful informal dance  concert!

GET YOUR TICKET NOW!  (limited seating available)

IBIT to open it’s 3rd Season!

IBIT Dance Company is about to open its 3rd season with an audition on September 10th. IBIT is directed by Brenda Lynn Siegel. Siegel holds a degree in dance from Hampshire College and is also the director of the Southern Vermont Dance Festival. Siegel’s has taught and shown work throughout the country. Siegel’s approach to Modern Dance technique and Composition is a deep exploration of each dancer’s individual qualities and meticulous attention to breath and body alignment. Her work is a study of social exploration and dives deeply into social and political issues that are prevalent in our society.
IBIT Dance Company has performed at the Massachusetts Dance Festival, the Rhythm Festival, Goddess Rising Festival, New England Youth Theater, East St. Dance Center in Hadley, The Dance Complex in Cambridge, The Latchis Theater, The Smith College Festival of Sound and Space, The Half Shell at Hampton Beach, The Mentor Cabaret, The Southern Vermont Dance Festival, Next Stage as well as many other exciting venues in its two short seasons.
This year the company is working in depth on a project to raise awareness and money for Childhood Cancer. Students and company members will work closely with children who have cancer and their families and will eventually perform an evening length work that gives an in depth exploration of issues that these families and children face. The piece will tour in the early winter. In addition this year dancers will perform in our annual spring tour and then follow that by working on a very project that explores Mayan Culture and closely works with an artist to create a movement experience. This season promises to be an exciting and fulfilling season for both the audience and the performers.
Auditions will be held on September 10th from 3:30pm-7:00pm:
3:45-4:30 Introductory Program
3:45-5:15 Low Intermediate/Intermediate Program
5:30-7:00 High Intermediate/Advanced Program
5:30-7:00 Company Auditions

Each year the program accepts students at all three of it’s levels, introductory, low Intermediate and Intermediate/Advanced to offer them the opportunity train with new faculty and individualized programming. This is a rigorous training program for dancers interested in Modern Dance.
The training program and company welcomes guest educators throughout the training season. The company and High Intermediate program both work closely with Donlin Foreman, veteran of the Martha Graham Company and founder of Burglisi/Foreman dance company in addition to many other dance faculty at many incredible dance schools.
The low and high intermediate/advanced level of modern and contemporary dance program will include training in Modern Dance, Contemporary Dance and Repertoire, a professional alignment assessment and some individual work when preparing for an audition or performance. In addition dancers get the opportunity to go on tour and perform frequently. Master class instruction is offered a lot throughout the season. The dancers at the highest level are also given career and education guidance as we prepare them for their next steps. All faculty have strong academic backgrounds in order to give the best guidance to move dancers forward.
The introductory program begins to introduce the dancers to a more committed dance environment. The dancers gain a grasp on breath, alignment, lifts, musicality and become ready to move into one of the more rigorous dance programs.
The goal of all three programs is to provide middle, high school, college and adult level dancers with the training and experience necessary to get into college level dance programs as well as dance companies inside and outside of college.
All dancers get to experience many of the rigors of a professional dance career in a controlled environment. The program is like a family and offers more than just a dance environment to its students..

The company has room for three more members. Members rehearse and train once per week and perform throughout New England in many area festivals and more.

In order to keep the level of the program high and pre-professional and the company to a standard appropriate for our choreography we will hold auditions and ask ALL students and company members to apply and audition. Unfortunately, there is limited space.

Please contact Brenda Lynn_MG_5186 Siegel for more information or to find out about our upcoming performances. Our first round of auditions for this season will be held on September 10th. All applicants must register for the audition ahead of time by emailing and filling out the application. There is no audition fee. Please contact us by email for more information.


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