IBIT Dance Company on Tour

IBIT Dance Company on Tour:

  • East St. Studios, Northampton, MA. March 27th @ 7:30pmIBIT Dance Company on Tour all three
  • The Dance Complex, Cambridge, MA. March 28th @ 8:00pm
  • The Latchis Theater, Brattleboro, VT. March 29th @ 4:30pm
  • Bring In the Spring, Cocktail Party Benefit                                                          Brattleboro, Vt.  March 29th @6:45   Bring In the Spring@ the River Garden

To purchase tickets to any of the above shows go to:



This Program will be by invite only and is designed for students who are not quite ready for the training program, but, have a strong focus on dance and would like to experience an introduction into the training program. Students in this program will be offered a two hour program that focuses on Modern Dance Technique, Improvisation and composition. Work will be set on these dancers and they will be offered the opportunity to work with some of the amazing guest teachers and highly trained professionals that will be working with IBIT in this coming year. If you have interest in this program, please email us at info@ibitdance.com . There is limited space available in the program, please contact us early if your student is interested.


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